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Dandru Feltinsky is Running for Governor of New Hampshire – Let the Games Begin!

Volinsky and Feltes the Marxist Wunder Twins

Dandru Feltinsky is running for Governor. Andru Volinsky of Volinsky’s Rules For Astronomical School Funding absent any evidence of academic achievement Radicals just tossed his hat in the ring.  Dan “Taxes and Fees” Feltes stepped in a few weeks ago.

Together they are Dandru Feltinsky. Ideological wonder twins who represent a threat to New Hampshire’s prosperity and yours with it.

What’s at risk?

The New Hampshire economy is the best in the northeast and one of the best in the nation. This week our business climate hopped up a notch thanks to tax cuts Dandru and the Democrats would erase. Our unemployment is at record lows our job creation and workforce participation at historical highs.

Wages were always good, but they are better without any meddling by the state legislature.

High standard of living, low poverty, low crime, and young people have started moving here or staying here. 

Back in July CNBC noted that,

For the fourth year in a row, New Hampshire retained the top spot for its business friendliness, according to CNBC’s latest Top States rankings, and landed in the top 10 for its workforce and quality of life, the state announced Thursday.

It’s probably why Governor Sununu is one of the most popular governors in the nation. Heck, CNBC even said,

“With its famous motto, “Live Free or Die,” it stands to reason that the Granite State is among America’s most inclusive,” CNBC said. “Freedom also includes security. New Hampshire enjoys the third-lowest violent crime rate in the nation. The state also boasts the nation’s lowest child poverty rate.”

Into this excellent economic picture stumble these Marxist wonder twins. Not as in I wonder how we can screw that all up. They already know. And you will too. Thanks to the primary, as Chris noted this morning, they will have to run against each other to attract the same voters the Democrat Presidential candidates are leaping ever further left to attract.

That means more programs, more funding, more fees, regulations, and taxes – attacks on free speech, individual rights, and the Lefts’ institutional commitment to turn us all into defenseless victims.

What’s yours is theirs (Because you didn’t build that). To be confiscated at will and wasted on government inefficiency. What Frederic Bastiat declares as “the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

Dandru Feltinsky and the New Hampshire Democrat party are the champions of this Maxim. And while it sounds good, we know the opposite is true. It is a meager, subsistence lifestyle with careless overlords whose purpose is not to appease their subjects but to expand their budgets and importance at their expense. And it is thanks to a persistent opposition to this, that we find New Hampshire in its current and uniquely improved state.

We could do with lower taxes still and much less regulation. But for all these failures it still moves in the proper direction.

We can assure you, as will Dandru Feltinsky, that the Democrat plan is to do the exact opposite. They will disguise their greed and plunder with fancy words. But at the end of the day, one truth stands clear.

The Republicans trust you to invest your resources to the betterment of all Granite Staters, including yourself.

The Democrats do not and can do nothing without first depriving you or your employer of your earnings (probably both).

The result of this will be vast programs, huge promises, and epic failures whose only remedy is even more of your money. 

We have the cure. Just vote Republican.

Care of the NHGOP, #VolinskyAgenda