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Volinsky and Feltes’ “False Narratives” About New Hampshire Take Another Punch to the Gut

Volinsky and Feltes the Marxist Wunder Twins

Democrats Dan Feltes and Andrew Volinsky want to be the next Governor of New Hampshire. Job one is to paint New Hampshire as doomed and Governor Sununu as the villain. Not an easy task and CNBC just threw another gut punch to their narrative.

First, let’s get this cleared up. These Vanilla Marxist Wonder Twins want to take your hard-earned dollars and turn them into (the form of) more government. They believe that this will be better for everyone. To get there from here, they need to set themselves up as champions of equality and inclusiveness (except for all you racist, white supremacist, bigoted, moderates and Republicans).

Good frikkin’ luck.

Chris Sununu is all about the rainbow. You’re not getting far there. And he has funded Planned Parenthood. He’s even an advocate for repressive commissions that push progressive identity politics. And for all your talk about inequality, wages, and the economy, your Democrat “solutions” have a historical record of making things worse. 

No, we’re not happy about some of Sununu’s political proclivities. He’s a tad too socially liberal for us. But economically, he’s been good at defending New Hampshire from the Left. And CNBC just delivered some more good news for you.

For the fourth year in a row, New Hampshire retained the top spot for its business friendliness, according to CNBC’s latest Top States rankings, and landed in the top 10 for its workforce and quality of life, the state announced Thursday.

That’s from the Union Leader which shares a few more inconvenient truth bombs from the CNBC report.

“With its famous motto, “Live Free or Die,” it stands to reason that the Granite State is among America’s most inclusive,” CNBC said. “Freedom also includes security. New Hampshire enjoys the third lowest violent crime rate in the nation. The state also boasts the nation’s lowest child poverty rate.”

Most inclusive. From an ‘NBC’ network. That’s gotta hurt your narrative. As for the rest, there is no shortage of reporting on our pages about consistently low poverty rates and low crime rates. These are not exclusive of our historical tax and spending priorities or our stance on things like the second amendment. Those things provide longstanding benefits with wide-ranging positive impacts that Dandru Feltinsky would mug at the earliest opportunity and bury in an unmarked grave somewhere in the North Country.

Our unemployment rate is currently (and consistently) one of the lowest in the nation. Workforce and labor force participation are at historical highs. We’re doing so well that anyone who wants a job can probably have two. That isn’t happening in states like New York and California which the Marxist Wonder Twins look to as role models for the future of the Granite State. Those states are going in the opposite direction of New Hampshire – from liberal purgatory on the way to Marxist hell.

And that’s a problem for Dandru Feltinsky. Math is hard. It’s harder when your narrative is stupid, and reality for the average Granite Stater is that things have hardly ever been better. 

We didn’t get here by lying about education-spending to pimp a disruptive income tax. But that’s the story, and they are sticking to it.