The Prophet Mohammed Endorsed Child Marriages and Islamic Scholars do not Refute This. - Granite Grok

The Prophet Mohammed Endorsed Child Marriages and Islamic Scholars do not Refute This.

Understanding Muslim Use of Common Words and Phrases

The people throughout the world must realize that the Islamic Prophet Mohammed endorsed child marriages and Islamic scholars do not refute this.

Mohammed married Aisha when she was six (6) years old. The marriage consummation occurred when she was nine.

Do not get wrapped up in the nice and soft word of consummating. An adult does not consummate with a child. This very act and belief alone makes the whole of Islam dangerous.

1400 Years ago

Mohammed died over 1400 years ago Muslims firmly believe he is the purest example of all. Muslims must follow his example in every aspect of life. To this day in 2019, Muslims believe Mohammed was correct in marrying children and having sex with them. There has been no repeal of the practice by Islamic scholars. It still happens openly throughout the world, to include America.

It is an accepted idea with deep meaning.

More Ideas, More Meanings

The meaning of common words and phrases in use by Islamic leaders must be understood. In Sharia law lying or deception is not only in use but has authorization. The requirement a Muslim must invoke is they feel the oppression of Islam. Currently, Islamic leaders worldwide opine they feel oppression. They are at war with non-Muslims and non-Muslim governments. They use the following examples:

Love America

When Islamic leaders say they love America:  Most truly love America. But their true meaning is they love America, not Americans. They love the vast resources of America and the millions of square miles of beautiful land. Islamic leaders want America for Islam. They want America under Sharia law.

One God

When Islamic leaders during Dawa (spreading the word of Islam) say there is only one God, their true meaning is that there indeed is only one God, but it is Allah (a Muslim God) and by no means is it the Christian and Jewish God.

Love Jesus

When Islamic leaders say they love Jesus, they mean it, but their true meaning is that they believe Jesus and all Christian Prophets were Muslim.


When Islamic leaders use the word convert their true definition and meaning is that they believe ALL people from the beginning of mankind until the present were born Muslim and only because one’s parents were bad or misinformed is the reason a person turns to Christianity, Judaism, or even atheism. In reality Muslims do not believe a person can convert to Islam, they can only revert to Islam. Since all were born into Islam they can only revert back, not convert.

Denounce terrorism

When Islamic leaders say they denounce all forms of terrorism to include suicide bombings they truly mean all violent acts by Muslims toward their enemies are legitimate forms of Jihad and not terrorism. They believe violent acts from Christians and Jews are forms of terrorism.

Suicide Bombers

Muslim leaders do not use the term suicide bombings when they are referring to acts by Muslims against their enemies in which the Muslim for instance used a vest laden with bombs and died in the process. They mean the Muslim died in an act of defensive war against their enemy and is a martyr of Islam and not a person who committed suicide and murder.


Understanding Muslim Use of Common Words and Phrases is critical to anticipating future action. We must pay attention to what they tell us and understand what it means.