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The Grok is Creeping Up on WMUR and About to Pass UL In Global Traffic Rank as Well


In late July, passed the Union leader in National Alexa Rank to become the number one on-line print media presence in New Hampshire. Two weeks later I announced a new goal; pass WMUR’s online traffic by Christmas. So, how’s that working out?

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In a heavy news medium with gobs of presidential candidates all over the state, it’s going well. We continue to grow our audience and hold on to it. We are well ahead of the Union Leader in online traffic and should pass them for global ranking as well within the week.

As for WMUR, the big cheesy ABC affiliate, were getting closer.

Our national rank has improved to 8414 while there’s improved to 5558. In the process, we are 429 web sites closer to WMUR. That’s since mid- August. It is not a fast enough pace to achieve the goal, but that’s okay. We’re still on the prowl.

It’s not just about us

I come bearing additional good news. The national ranking for New Hampshire’s top five digital print sites now includes LibertyBlock NH and NH Journal, in spots four and five respectively. The Union Leader is the only New Hampshire News Paper in our top five. The Grok is on top and NHPR is number three. These upstart web presences have surpassed all the other daily newspapers in the state to join us in the top five for “news.”

And that’s without traffic for sports, weather, or whatever else for which you think you need a newspaper.

Congratulations to them.

Here are the top ten Alexa ranked news/political sites in New Hampshire as of lunchtime today (including our new site to beat, WMUR).

Site Name (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
WMUR 5,585 31,631
GraniteGrok 8,414 63,954
Union leader 15,768 63,721 29,384 151,713
Liberty Block 29,766 178,541
NH Journal 34,573 161,505
Seacoast Online 34,978 135,977
Concord Monitor 38,732 142,245
Fosters Daily Democrat 39,014 149,537
Nashua Telegraph 40,702 257,554

‘MUR is not a “print site” by our definition. They also have the national power of ABC and Hearst media for content creation and management. And hye, they are TV. But we’re up for the challenge if you are.

You can help us by getting the Alex add-on to make your visits count! And by visiting us more than them.


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