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Beto-Male Update: O’Rourke Admits His Plan is to Disarm Law-Abiding Citizens

Robert Francis O'Rourke - Beto

Robert O’Rourke is fishing deep for Democrat primary voters. The 74% who wanted to ban AR-15’s after Parkland. The 74% of Democrats who support a mandatory Government buyback. The 64 percent who think the NRA is a Domestic Terror Group.

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Sure, that’s a percentage of less than a third of the country, but those are the Democrat primary voters. He’s coming for the guns. They like that idea. But how?  You take them away by not taking them away.

“You know, my faith, my confidence, is in the people of this country,” O’Rourke said, and described going to a gun show and hearing gun owners and vendors express openness to the idea.

“Some of them said look, you know what, I have an AR-15, don’t need it, would gladly sell it back or destroy it, all of them seem like they would follow the law,” O’Rourke said, adding “We are a nation of laws, it’s part of what defines us and distinguishes us from the rest of the world, so I believe that America will comply with the law.”

What does that mean?

“Much like we don’t go door-to-door to enforce almost any law in the United States, in fact I don’t think we do that for any law in the United States, this would not be something that we would do.”

You can keep your illicit wares as long as you avoid the law. But if you are illegally in possession and get caught, you get arrested.

That is precisely how gun possession works for criminals who are breaking the law today. So, Beto’s plan, in his own words, is meant to disarm law-abiding citizens because the criminals were never going to turn in their guns. And they still won’t.

It is the very thing we’ve been claiming all along.

And a super-majority of Democrats love this idea.

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