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Poll: Should Students Be Allowed to Protest During School Hours?

The left teaches protest to create perception. Look at these folks who came out to say this or that. Or, more recently, to harm or intimidate other protesters with whom they disagree. So, what about Students protesting during school? Yes? No?

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Inspired by the now increasingly annoying climate strike SeacoastOnline has a poll. Should students be allowed to protest during school?


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Public School is like work. You’re on someone else’s dime. You are welcome to your own opinions but don’t express them unless it’s part of the “job” or the class. Math stinks is good. Hey let’s pretend the planet is gonna meltdown in a decade is an after school special.

This was the foundation of my objection to Colin ‘Take a Knee’ Kaepernick. He’s welcome to think the nation whose economic system made him rich is oppressive. He can call the Betsy Ross Flag Racist.  Kaepernick is the Kardashians of the NFL. A guy who is now famous for being annoying. And when he is on his own time, he’s proven to be very useful at growing my readership.

Keep talking Colin.

But on the field, which is on the boss’s time, stow that sh*t sailor. You’re on their dime unless the boss says knock yourself out.

Taxpayers are the Boss

Considering how much taxpayers are getting screwed for the cost of what passes for a public education I’m wondering if they should be allowed to use the bathroom. That’s the administrative staff. I’d never do that to teachers or a kid.

And a Climate Strike is not a protest; it is the Global Warming Happy Meal. A full tummy and a toy that creates a lifetime of support without regard to the consequences. They did two of these Climate Strikes this year. Which means my town needs to rebate me about 100.00 if they let any students protest on either day instead of doing school work with perhaps one exception.

During the Strike back in March of 2019, I asked whether they got class credit and if so, would religious students get the same credit for something similar? Praying for the unborn for an hour, for example. My guess is no. I’d be willing to bet they would allow a protest of the prayer vigil.

(Ignoring that, the Climate Strike is based on a worldwide act of fraud perpetrated to destroy free-market capitalism. This means the only suitable class credit would be economics.)

My only other incentive to allow such a protest during a school day is to identify who the paid Climate Cult ring leaders are at the institution. Who has buy-in and is spreading this garbage? 

If they are in elected office or appointed by someone, who is, those people should be challenged for those roles and voted out of office. If they are teachers or administrators, you need to elect people to the School Board who will challenge the use of class time to propagandize your kids.

As for the poll, so far, the majority says no.

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As long as you’re not at school or work, take a moment to add your voice even if you disagree with me.