Proof High School Students Shouldn't Vote: Skip Class to Protest 'Inaction' on Climate Change - Granite Grok

Proof High School Students Shouldn’t Vote: Skip Class to Protest ‘Inaction’ on Climate Change


Friday was “get teens to sell your climate propaganda” day. They called it a worldwide youth climate strike. But I think my description is more honest. These are same people Democrats want to allow to vote so they can spend your money, which is ironic. They were gathering to support Democrats spending your money.

I guess my first two questions are, did they get class-credit and would that work the same if they skipped school in the name of any other religion?

NHPR couldn’t cover the Second Amendment Rally in Concord, but they covered this.

In Portsmouth’s Market Square, a thick crowd of students from local high schools held up signs, passed around a bullhorn, and called for the end of fossil fuels.

“If we do nothing then we are just bystanders, and climate change is on us,” said Tessa Lippman, who attends Oyster River High School. “This cannot be our fault. We have to stand up and fight back and ensure that we have a future with this planet.”

Doing Nothing is Better

Not to students: if you do nothing you can keep your property rights, some basic human liberties, and guess what, nothing else will happen. If you allow the government to use climate change to grab power the misery that follows that tyranny will be your fault.

Which is why we don’t let you vote. 

I’m just curious. Typically when people strike it’s as a disruptor. What productive activity did a bunch of ignorant pouty meat-puppets of the socialist climate machine hamper on Friday? The answer is none. You’re liberal teachers (if they didn’t chaperone this field trip) got a break on their workload. You got a three day weekend. No one got any smarter, but a few people got dumber.

And if anyone doubts my presumption of their propagandized collective liberal-ignorance or the lousy investment that is public education, try this. The student organizers, 

“said two main goals are a shift toward 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2030, and passage of the Green New Deal by Congress.”

Neither of these things is even possible if we want to sustain anything even remotely like a modern economy. That means heat, light, 20th-century transportation, or the manufacturing capacity to make anything in the modern age including those things the average student “protester” must have to go on living.

Image: teenagers before 100% renewables and the green new deal.