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Planned Parenthood to Pre-Schoolers: “Boy” and “Girl” are Just Words

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‘It’s never too late for an abortion’ would look great on their bumper sticker. Especially now. Planned Parenthood has expanded beyond its core purpose (killing the unborn) to advancing cultural views that lead to suicide.

According to Fox News, the abortion giant is now advising parents on how to teach preschoolers about their bodies via their website, by telling them that “boy” and “girl” are just words:

On a page of its website titled “How do I talk with my preschooler about their body?” the abortion provider says if a child inquires why boys and girls have different bodies, a parent should introduce the concept of transgender identity.

Might I suggest online coupons for Nabisco’s special interest pandering Oreos? Make it a sweet transition?

The problem, of course, is that 41.8% of transgender kids try to kill themselves. And it’s not discrimination. White people consistently have the highest rate of suicide. Blacks have significantly lower rates than other minorities. If discrimination is a problem in America and a cause for suicide, there is no data to support that.

We do know that the leading cause of troubled youth concerning sexuality is left-wing pressure to question biology. It leads to mental instability or encourages it. It has been demonstrated again that there is no gay gene. That these are learned behaviors which means someone is teaching them. Programming kids to embrace a lifestyle that will result in 4 out of 10 trying to end their life. Abortion, by other means?

Planned Parenthood is already using public schools to teach kids on their core business while ramping up sexual awareness. They have added promoting gender dysphoria to the mix.

While ignoring the American College of Pediatricians declaration that this amounts to child abuse.

Why? What does Planning for Parenthood have to do with teaching pre-schools to pursue a path toward gender confusion and a life with a high probability of substance abuse and mental illness?

Well, the mentally ill are more likely to vote for Democrats. They fund Planned Parenthood with tax dollars that are then laundered back into their political campaigns. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.

Of course, Planned Parenthood as a global private corporation doesn’t plan for parenthood; it prevents it. They preach over-sexualization because it increases their potential for market share. Adding dysphoria that leads to suicide is just expanding the market for death.

Good luck finding a Democrats who won’t defend this.

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