NCTE and Nabisco Use Oreo's to Indoctrinate Kid's on LGBT Gender Pronouns - Granite Grok

NCTE and Nabisco Use Oreo’s to Indoctrinate Kid’s on LGBT Gender Pronouns

Gender Pronoun Oreos

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is credited in part with giving us Common Core. Nabisco makes Oreo’s. Together they are using cookies to indoctrinate kids on gender-bending pronouns.

The Federalist reports that,

Oreo cookies, a division of international foods giant Nabisco, announced yesterday a “special” LGBT edition that includes lectures about how to use transgender pronouns.

“We’re proud to celebrate inclusivity for all gender identities and expressions,” the company wrote in its Facebook post announcing the change. “In partnership with NCTE, we’re giving away special edition Pronoun Packs and encouraging everybody to share their pronouns with Pride today and every day.”

These are not publicly available ‘treats.’ They are a promotional political pander to a special interest. And lots of chatter about inclusivity and embracing al identities, which, as we’ve noted on many occasions, is fine and dandy. The problem is when you use the power of the state to force me not just to recognize whatever subjective reality you live in, but to compel my speech and behavior.

And I’m not saying [anyone] can’t decide any of those things. I am saying that it does not require me to reimagine the world as [they see] it, nor does it entitle anyone else to harass me for refusing to do so.

To borrow/paraphrase from Ben Shapiro, you are still a human being entitled to the same rights and liberties all humans can share, but these do not give you right to make me pretend that men are women and women are men.

Nor am I required to use your proper pronoun under threat of harassment or discipline. 

Culture Warrior Cookies

Everything we know about the LGBT (etc.) wing of the Diversity Movement (that’s the agenda-driven political machine, not specific individuals) tells us that the goal is to use government compel speech and behavior. Democrats are all in as are the diversity commissions, with the lawsuits, and targeting, all of it.

Having learned a few things about the NCTE today, I’m not surprised that they are behind it. But I’m not sure what Nabisco and Oreo have to gain by advancing an anti-free speech agenda to kids in public schools. A decline in sales?

Pro-Tip – Stop serving Oreos at your church functions. 

If you’re interested, Joy Pullmann, The Federalist author, included a link to what she calls her favorite homemade Oreo recipe (here).