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Planned Parenthood Is Using Public Schools to Groom Girls for Abortion, and Guess What Else?


The Left and Planned Parenthood oppose abstinence education because there are fewer crisis pregnancies if you don’t sexualize children. So, that’s what they do. The entire Sex-end gender-bender “agender” serves one purpose — sex on the brain.

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And it’s easy to do. Human beings are sexual creatures predisposed to paths to pleasure. If you insist this is not just good but necessary at any age what could go wrong? Births out of wedlock, divorce, addiction, crime, dysphoria, and a lot of business for drug makers, Planned Parenthood, and bureaucrats and politicians in the dependency-government business. The latter of which is heavily funded by who? Planned Parenthood.

Monica Cline — who worked as a sexual health education instructor for Planned Parenthood for ten years — claims young girls are being groomed for abortion via public education.

Just don’t tell the parents.

Monica began her career in 1996 as an HIV prevention educator for the Center for Health Training. In 1997, she became Planned Parenthood’s Title X Training Manager for New Mexico and Texas.

The former instructor says she was ordered to teach children about every kind of sexual activity — because, according to the Director of Prevention Education, the kids had probably already done it all:

So, they argue that everyone is doing it, so let’s capitalize on selling risk reduction. Except where risk reduction may reduce risk by suggesting you could save yourself for marriage. Or until you are older and independent. That’d be sexist, or something. 

No, I have no issues with consenting adults doing whatever they agree to do. But we’re talking about teaching children, long before they should even care, that sexuality is like, you know, the center of the Homosapien universe.

Like Jeffrey Epstein? Or this loser? Or how about our local buddy Primo Howie Leung? All child sex predators. Epstein is dead, the Trans-predator is probably jail bound, and Howie is probably going to prison for a “Leung” time.

Why Assume the worst?

Assuming “they are doing it” anyway is cover not just a business growth model. It advances a cultural agenda that ruins lives and creates dependency. And maybe, when they are teenagers, doing it is more likely true than not (sadly). But elementary and middle school kids are not doing it unless or until adults (educators and experts) pretending to be grown-ups encourage that.

Programs like the one that Monica explains do that. Early, and often.  The condoms, sex talks, gender pronouns, and LGBTQ tolerance garbage sexualize kids. Even the Drag Queen Story Times. It’s all about normalizing sexuality before it is normal. 

And we can look back and decide if where we are today is better or worse and agree or disagree but are you still in denial about the trajectory of all this “learnin’?” There is the next phase of reality.

The logical conclusion to the current “education consensus” is the normalization of adult sex with children. It’s on the radar and has been for a while. And Planned Parenthood and your public schools (teachers and administrators and school boards) are facilitating the eventual acceptance of sexual abuse of children. Only it won’t be called that.

It will be called sex because “they’re doing it anyway.” We’ll just stop sending adults to prison for it.

Why else sexualize kids at such a young age unless you expect them to have sex when they don’t even have a sex drive yet?

Because there are “adults” who want to have sex with them. The kind of people that even prison inmates detest. But not Planned parenthood and the Public-School System. They’re teaching them to be ready for anything except the long term personal and cultural consequences of that strategy.

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