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NH Democrat Party Out of Ideas – All They can do is Call Opponents Racists

Ray Buckley

The New Hampshire Demcorat party is out of ideas. They have no clue how to win your vote. Their only recourse is to call anyone who dares support their opponent a racist and hope they cower at home.

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If you are white, you are a hater, unless you bow before their agenda and pay mandatory tithing to their government god. Heck, you don’t even have to be white.

Just talking to the Democrats political opponents makes you a White Supremacist. Just ask Chairman Ray Buckley.

In responding to the matter of a new pro-Trump group reaching out to rural voters, Buckley said, “The organizing and activating of these extremists, these white supremacists, really could have a detrimental effect on the entire culture of New Hampshire.”

That was September 2017. Two years later and he’s still trying to intimidate Independents and undeclared voters.

“It’s clear from today’s vote that No-Plan-Victoria-Sullivan does not inspire Manchester voters to go to the polls, but does inspire racists…”

If you support anyone but the incompetent mayor of Mancher, Joyce Craig, you are a racist. And since New Hampshire is mostly rural and white the leader of the state Democrat party is talking about you.

It is vote suppression, plain and simple. He’s drawing a red line. You don’t vote my way then don’t vote at all, or you’re a racist! (or is that a Ray-cist?)

Did you realize that the treatment never ends? Never. That is how they will rule if given the opportunity. Doubts?

Look at the Demcorat lead US House. Look at the Senate Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearing. The politics of power supersede everything. You get in the way, they’ll destroy you.

Look at the New Hampshire House. They won and if you share a Democrat’s voting record, they call you a hater and a white supremacist and accuse you of attacking them by sharing their words. Their votes, of which they should (you’d think) be proud.

Watch how they treat gays, blacks, women, and Hispanics who don’t buy into their Democrat Socialism. 

Were you hoping for better treatment?

Now ask yourself. If party leaders are treating people they disagree with like this now, and lowly Democrat House Reps are parroting that attitude, what happens if and when they get more power?

DO you think they’ll stop or do you think they will use the power of the state to reinforce their position?

Are you willing to bet they won’t do the latter?

Ray Buckley and the Democrats are telling you, to your face, how they intend to treat you. If you refuse to listen, they will win elections, and we will watch New Hampshire shift from a state with the best jobs and lowest poverty toward those with a long-standing one-party rule like Illinois, New York, and California. 

Democrat Party Chair (and national DNC vice-chair) Ray Buckey can’t even make a statement about a relatively meaningless primary without calling the people who voted (or even considered voting for) the other candidate a racist.

Trust me, that’s the kindest thing they have planned for you if you let them win.

One final note. If Democrats lose they’ll still call you names but honestly, who gives a sh*t if they can’t do anything else but tweet at you.