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Government Bureaucrats Control Education

Government Bureaucrats Control Public Education

Government bureaucrats control public education. Are you one of the people who object to much of what goes on in government operated schools? Are you also willing to tolerate it because that’s where you property taxes go? It sure isn’t free… but it’s paid for. Would you rather have an extra car, a boat, vacation trips, a larger home, etc. than pay the money to place your children in a well-run private school? Are you unwilling to take the time to homeschool them? It isn’t easy being with children 24/7.

Customer revolt

It’s time for a wake-up call. In education today there are subtle, almost subliminal practices being put to use. We are approaching a point of tax revolt in communities. This is driven by the fact that property taxes in New Hampshire are among the highest in the nation. The majority of that goes to funding local schools. The taxes are approaching confiscatory levels. And we have also allowed the state access to local property tax. So we no longer have direct control over our property tax.

What would happen to government run schools, in terms of funding, if there were to be a mass exit of their “customers”? You can get free education on the internet K-12 through accredited teachers. When enough parents lose patience with letting the state indoctrinate their children, what then?

Fewer students should require fewer teachers; those big buildings will not be as full. Maybe fewer facilities will be needed. Maybe this will lead to change in the education bureaucracy. Parents must remember that free isn’t free. It takes a lot to educate a child.


Our society is paying a massive price for decades of anti- god, anti- American “teaching”. We have been surrendering our children to the leftists controlling our government run institutions. From the current system we get content and outcome different from what most of us want and expect. The problem is systemic. It is not program or location specific. Government bureaucrats control public education.