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Feds Slap Google On the Wrist for Viewpoint Discrimination in the Workplace

Google's Goolag

Big Tech talks tolerance, but like every other leftist construct, there is no protection if you deviate beyond the walls of their political groupthink. Until now. A National Labor Relations Board ruling may finally provide Google employees with relief.

As part of the settlement, Google will be required to inform its employees that they are free to speak to the media about working conditions, wages and other work-related issues. The company will also be required to withdraw its final warning letter to [engineer Kevin] Cernekee, which claimed he had violated a clause in the company’s code of conduct requiring employees to “respect each other” in his message-board postings.

If you need a refresher as to why it came to this,

“…the National Labor Relations Board has reached a settlement with Google over complaints that the search giant punishes employees for speaking out on political and workplace issues that don’t comport with the company’s agenda. … One complainant, former engineer Kevin Cernekee, claims he was fired for expressing his right-leaning political views on an internal company message board. …

Search “Google Whistleblowers,” and you’d think these folks are the actual resistance. Google is the Empire. Its culture is sacrosanct, and blasphemers will be sanctioned. No dissenters. And I doubt that will change even after this ruling.

According to WSJ, right-leaning Google employees have long maintained that expressing their beliefs can make them “lepers” among their fellow Googlers, as well as to the company’s hiring managers.

There’s More Than One Way…

Anyone who has ever worked in any operation knows that without officially doing a thing the ‘team’ can subtly (or not) drive out anyone. The job stagnates or becomes miserable until they quit. And that’s a lot harder to prove than the more straightforward; I said ‘Trump’ and they canned me.

Private employers are and should be able to set standards for hiring and firing. Company culture and perception matter. Hooters doesn’t have to employ male wait staff for a reason. So, why can’t Google engage in ideological torture of its employees? Especially if what you believe is a feature of their corporate image?

I’m not sure. This may be a case of federal overreach. I’m happy to see Google exposed as an idea tyrant, which is not news, but do the Feds have the authority?

Google has long maintained that its company culture encourages open debate. Now, it’s being held accountable to ensure that this is, in fact, the case

Well, now. Tenuous because “open” means as long as you all agree with left-wing politics and say nothing to contradict that, or us, or how we run the joint, anywhere, ever.

It’s still sketchy if you ask me.

But the Leftist tech universe, much like the Democrat party, has been allowed to run wild draped in intolerance cloaked as diversity. None of that is likely to change anytime soon. But it is refreshing to see the NLRB take Google’s policy and contrast it to reality and say, maybe you should live up that promise?

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