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CBS Broadside on NYT Kavanaugh Smear Leaves Old Gray Lady a Smoking Wreck

Dr. Christine Baisley-ford

CBS just committed an act of Journalism. The New York Times hit hardest. With the weekend of hyperbolic left-wing ranting about impeaching the Justice Kavanaugh not far behind. And, yes, I said, CBS News.

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Not only does [CBS correspondent Jan] Crawford note that every one of Christine Blasey Ford’s cited witnesses say the alleged high-school party with Kavanaugh never happened, Crawford uses the cutting-room floor clippings from the NYT’s story to focus on Leland Keyser’s claim of witness tampering.

Witness tampering accusations are not new but reigniting that debate in the wake of a weekend of Kavanaugh hating (thanks to the deceptive NYT) is something of a coup. And it just slaughtered any hope the Dems had of impeaching Kavanaugh. And, is likely to bring the witness tampering allegations to the feet of Senators like Kamala Harris and Corey Booker, who worked the weekend noise machine for political points.

Harris has one tweet (she’s probably deleted by now) where she accused Judge Kavanagh of lying to her committee. That would be the one that disgraced her party so badly before November 2018 they lost seats in the US Senate.

Pressured to Lie

The real story is the witness tampering. Leland Keyser has not only not corroborated Blasey-Ford’s claim, but insists it never happened. Add to that public statements that there was pressure by advocates to change that story. And depending on who those advocates were and who was motivating them to act, we’ve got an actual scandal. Instead of the one the Democrats created to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

Now, all four people that Ford identified as being at that high school party in the summer of 1982 have all said that no such party occurred. And today, both the Republican chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Democratic chair of the House Judiciary Committee said they would not support impeaching Kavanaugh.

Boom! Wait, more boom.

“We’ve got to get beyond this ‘impeachment is the answer to every problem.’ It’s not realistic,” [Sen. Dick] Durbin said. “If that’s how we are identified in Congress, as the impeachment Congress, we run the risk that people will feel we’re ignoring the issues that mean a lot to them as families.”

You are ignoring them — You are still on 24/7/365 personal destruction of Trump. For the purpose of justifying impeachment proceedings as political theater. You went long-on Collusion instead of doing your job. And now this?

By mid-Saturday, the “Democrat Congress” appeared to feel a moral obligation to lead the impeachment congress. You know, for the good of the Democracy or something. But when the Times story blows up a day later, you suddenly need to back off?

The juxtaposition is, however, priceless. The Times report comes out claiming Kavanaugh exposed himself at another party. Only to be reminded after the outrage machine was back on full that, “The informant wasn’t at the party, and the supposed victim doesn’t recall such an incident happening.”

None of Blasey-Fords “party” witnesses was at a party that appears to have never happened. And what started as the Left Gone Wild has turned into a major hangover with less than nothing to show for it.

Talk about getting caught with their pants down.

Meanwhile, back here in New Hampshire, how many Democrats were all spun up (again)? Who bought it without a second thought only to discover they’d been lied to (again)?

Not that they care. Lying is the only way they can get any of their priorities passed. 

And since the omission of exculpatory evidence has become a matter of ‘legal’ process for the Left, well, we’re not expecting any remorse.

But if you have screen grabs, we’ll accept them.

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