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Alpha Loesch vs. Beto-Male – I Just Want to Defend Myself, O’Rourke is Making Actual Threats

Dana Loesch v Beto

When a candidate for president declares that confiscation of private property is a priority for their administration, we believe them. He doesn’t just want to disarm the law-abiding citizens, he’s promising direct action, and that’s a threat. He even had t-shirts made up.

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Hell Yes Were Going to Take Your AR-15.” Bobby – O is fundraising on this.

In this clip from Fox News, Brian Kilmeade broaches the topic and Dana goes yard.


Beto-male be like, Huh?

Dana says, hey I want to defend myself. That’s not a threat. But what O’Rourke proposes is a threat of promised action. By government force. We discussed it on GrokTALK! Not just the taking but who do you plan to send out to enforce that promise?

Beto doesn’t care because he knows it won’t be him.

Not that he’s got any idea what weapons are, or what he thinks he is banning or taking. Dana takes him to the woodshed on that point as well.

He’s clueless. But that’s typical for a fake Hispanic, fake working-class American who can afford armed security. Again, he’s not getting his hands dirty. But you? He knows you’re not qualified to decide for yourself, and that’s why you need him to disarm you for his own good. You read that right.

And he’s not alone. The entire Democrat party leadership is in on the scheme. And too many rank and file Democrats actually believe that this has something do with public safety. That’s why they are saying it. The nut roots are gaga over the idea of civilian disarmament.

But we’ve made it both clear and evident on many occasions that it is precisely the opposite.

Democrats are not the least bit interested in your safety. Their concern is for their own, from you, when they start doing all the things they promised at your expense, and you realize just how badly they deceived you.

If that day comes they do not want to be on the wrong end of over 300 million privately owned firearms.

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