Alpha Dog Firearms Sells out of Discounted "Beto AR-15s" in 4 Hours - Granite Grok

Alpha Dog Firearms Sells out of Discounted “Beto AR-15s” in 4 Hours

Beto - Give me your fing guns

Obama was the greatest gun salesman in US history. Beto thinks he is the vanilla Obama, but he’s not. He may however turn out to be a better gun salesman.

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On its website, the store has a section full of “Beto Specials.”

If customers use the promo code “BETO” when buying various guns, they’ll see discounts up to $200. While the AR-15s sold out, the special is still running for several AK-47s, including Century Arms VSKA 7.62 x 39 mm.

I love the free market.

And dopey Beto and the rest of the dwarves. They do more to encourage citizens to embrace their right to self-defense (and the tools necessary) than any blog chatter of gun advertising. Every time they open their mouths, they demonstrate why we have a second amendment. And need it.

Keep up the excellent work. Your Marxist, gun-grabbing noise-machine is keeping thousands of American employed in good-paying jobs all across the country. And as long as people realize that you are a Constitutional threat, and keep you out of higher office, we’re good.

Should you attain higher office, probably by subterfuge, good luck keeping that promise.

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