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“Lesbian” Who Want’s Women to Wax her ‘Man Parts’ Wants to Host Topless Swims for Girls…

Jessiva Yaniv Transwoman lesbian

I was content to sit back and let the world ponder cultures where a man dressed as a woman claiming to be lesbian might sue biological women who refuse to give their man-parts a Brazilian Bikini wax. But no, it had to get weirder than that.

Jessica Yaniv, a biological man, has brought over a dozen complaints against women in the Vancouver area who have refused to give him a bikini wax. Today we learn that same “fella” wants to sponsor three semi-nude public pool parties for children.

No parents allowed.

Jessica Yaniv is scheduled to appear before the Township of Langley Council in British Columbia, Canada, July 22 at 7:00 pm to ask for permission for an “All-Bodies Swims” at three community pools where individuals, including girls as young as 12, will be permitted to be topless. The swim is for kids who identify as “LGBTQ2S+”. In the appeal to bar parents from attending, Yaniv cited an interest in fostering a “safe and inclusive” environment.

The transgender lesbian with man parts wants to swim with topless 12-year old girls. What could go wrong?

Well, I think we all know the answer to that. But the real question is this. Do the town fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers (regardless of preferred pronouns) have the stones – waxed or not – to say no?

I doubt it. They are probably like those moderate Muslims about which the media croons. They exist and have strong convictions about peaceful Islam but never manage to do anything to prevent the wrath of the extremists. In today’s case that would be the #Wokeasauraus. The Gaystapo. The Rainbow Fascists.

The Government Sanctioned Human Rights Council!

Don’t say anything. People will write letters to the paper about you and call you names. Don’t you dare suggest that an adult man in women’s clothes who likes women shouldn’t swim topless with girls as young as twelve. Or however old your sisters or daughters happen to be when they to show up. And why wouldn’t they? Don’t want to be fingered as one of those intolerant louts.

I didn’t see you at the topless swim. Sorry, I was rearranging all my clothes the way Marie Kondo does it and must have lost track of time. 

Well, it was mostly just us girls and that lesbian guy in the one-piece. He was going to introduce us to his little friend but no one in Vancouver would give Him “Her” a Brazilian wax!


Good thing he’s a lesbian transwoman. If an actual man tried to sponsor a topless swim for girls as young as 12, he’d have his head examined. In prison.

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