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Trump Supporters Gear up for Manchester Rally While Democrats Spew Hate

If you drive by the SNHU Arena in Manchester right now, you’ll see that Trump supporters have already started lining up for his rally tomorrow night. These people started lining up more than 24 hours in advance of the rally. They are literally camping out and will definitely have their choice of seats when the crowd is finally let into the venue:

I decided to speak to some of the people in line and *gasp*, they weren’t racists or Nazis or White Supremacists like the Democrats keep claiming. These are all regular Americans who happen to support President Trump and want to see him re-elected. They came from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont. There were even some from Washington D.C.:

One family of Vietnamese-Americans told me that they all support Trump because they are against Communism. They know how it begins and they know how it ends. One woman was tortured and had her neck broken by the Communists in Vietnam. She will never forget that experience and that is why she is now an American:


There is even Trump gear for sale across the street. The vendor will be open until dark and will most likely be quite busy tomorrow:

In the meantime, Democrats are spewing their usual hatred and intolerance. This moron lies and tries to claim the rally isn’t open to the public:

Meanwhile, left-wing protesters, who ABHOR Free Speech, started ordering tickets using fake email addresses and phone numbers so that actual Trump Supporters couldn’t get tickets:

Then there is Soy Beta Boy O’Rourke who thinks it’s inappropriate to call violent, murderous MS-13 gang members ‘animals’ and of course Beto goes on to spew multiple other lies about things Trump has said. It’s pretty clear he thinks voters are stupid and won’t bother to do a little research for their own selves:

The only people spewing hatred and intolerance in New Hampshire are Democrats. Some things never change.