Right to Self Defense… It Is Absolute - Granite Grok

Right to Self Defense… It Is Absolute

Our Second Amendment constitutional right is absolute, unless and until it infringes upon the rights of others. The act of owning a gun, regardless of the type, does not infringe upon someone else’s right. Using it to threaten, injure or kill them most definitely does.

Guns are inanimate objects, tools. They are tools used by their wielders. The left argues that we need to deny the access to; the availability of this tool. That is patently false. We do not similarly deny access to automobiles, knives or pop top aluminum cans. Each of these tools can be used by the wielder to inflict great bodily harm.

We can agree there should be restrictions on tool usage. There should not be prohibition of ownership. Quite simply, you have no right to refuse me the right to defend myself. It is past time to remember, laws ill-considered, laws made in the heat of the passion lead to unintended consequences.

There is no agreement with the restriction of our access to the tool itself. There are multiple uses for guns. Many of them are good and some are already illegal. Leftists keep making attempts to justify gun control measures that do nothing to prevent gun violence.

Crime comes from the mind and the soul. The tools that we use to commit the crime are not and cannot be guilty. They are inanimate objects. They should not be vilified. It makes no sense. They should not be subject to removal from those who have not done wrong. Sorry if inanimate objects scare you. That would be a personal issue. It is not a subject for legislation.