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‘News’ Editor Tries to Correlate Gun Crime in Newport to Ruger Gun Maker

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The other day a really odd tweet came across my news feed. A man who is a news editor for Valley News, an organization that serves both Vermont and New Hampshire, made a really strange and ridiculous correlation.

John Gregg, news editor for Valley News, attempted to make the claim that shootings are up in Newport, NH because it’s the home of Sturm Ruger, a gun manufacturer.

Of course, I had to question this and Gregg dug himself in deeper:

What does a manufacturing company, regardless of what they manufacture, have to do with how the population behaves? That was a rhetorical question, the answer is simple, NOTHING. He doesn’t even state if Ruger firearms were used in any of the shootings. Even if they were, the shootings still having literally NOTHING to do with Ruger Manufacturing.

If Gregg’s correlation were even plausible then Chicago’s South Side would have about 100 gun manufacturers. Or maybe in cities and towns where there are food manufacturers, the towns have an insane obesity problem. Or maybe that would be spoon and fork makers. Take your pick.

Gregg is, as do all anti-gunners, blaming an inanimate object on the ACTIONS of human beings. He doesn’t bother to think about what’s actually going on in Newport that would potentially see a spike in gun crimes, like, ummmm, say, drugs.

If you look at the Newport property crime index rate per capita, it’s higher than the average for New Hampshire and in some years it’s literally off the hook compared to national per capita rates:

If you look at the violent crime index, it’s sometimes above the average per capita for New Hampshire and sometimes right below:

What’s truly interesting is that New Hampshire’s homicide rate actually rose from 2017 to 2018 with Dover actually contributing the most to that number, not Newport nor Newington, home of gun manufacturer Sig Sauer and not Newport.  Not all homicides are committed with a firearm. From the Union Leader:

New Hampshire’s homicide rate rose 23% last year – from 17 in 2017 to 21 in 2018 – with Dover having the ignominious distinction of the most.

Two of the homicides were people killed by law enforcement.

Dover led the Granite State in homicides with four in 2018, followed by Manchester and Wolfeboro, which each had two.

Of course, Dover is a bastion of left-wing lunacy, should we blame the left for the higher crimes there?

New Hampshire remains one of the safest states in the country when it comes to any type of crime or any type of weapon used in that crime but Gregg seems to ignore that factual bit of evidence from the FBI.

What’s a tad frightening is Gregg is a news editor. His tweets should be a huge RED FLAG warning to anyone who reads Valley News and thinks it’s an unbiased news source. Clearly, it’s not.