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New Zealand Continues Its Leftward March Toward Civilian Disarmament

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Remember New Zealand? A Leftist, eco-fascist, pro-China wingnut went on a shooting spree with the stated intent of advancing stricter gun laws in nations like the United States. New Zealand’s Leftist nuts got the message.

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A rifle ban was followed by an order to turn in any weapons voluntarily. New Zealanders responded by purchasing more firearms. Smarter outside the polls than in, it seems. But that’s not the end of the story.

When I first wrote about the vote on the ban, I noted that,

New Zealand is setting itself up for a parade of “weapons” bans that will include all firearms (inevitably) then knives, pointy sticks, and don’t forget rocks.

It’s happening, as you will see shortly. No, I’m not a mystical prognosticator or the Liberal Whisperer. Despite all their talk, Leftists are not dynamic thinkers. Just the opposite. Their end game is government-run everything. This top-down totalitarian state cannot exist in the same space with free speech, rights of religious conscious, or an armed citizenry. Wherever you are on the spectrum of leftist political conquest, the next logical step is obvious. 

And they always prove you right

A recent and relevant example is post-gun ban London. In the absence of any private force deterrent, it has deteriorated into an ugly violent mess. The state response to this increase in violent crime is to restrict kitchen utensils and to erect barriers to deter terrorists from driving over pedestrians.

The most surveilled city on earth has considered banning hoodies because they make it impossible for “law enforcement” to identify near-do-wells on CCTV. Thugs and hooligans who will better their lives at the expense of others. Using sticks, bricks, bats, or fists if that’s what is left.

The moral of this story is that the problem is not the weapons but the people. Removing weapons only makes it easier for people to make the leap to immoral behavior — a problem we see with Leftist policy across the spectrum.

Lessons from which the self-proclaimed smartest people in the room never learn.

First, they wanted a registry – then they came for the rifles.

The call for background checks is not what the Democrats advertise. We have them already. What they want is a gun registry. Why? So, they can find you and separate you from your right to self-defense in small steps or large. 

Not letting the crisis go to waste the other Down Under pushed a politically popular ban on the sale of rifles and shotguns. New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is still beside herself that the US didn’t do what the Leftist, eco-fascist, pro-China wingnut intended.

Keeping with the predictable workings of the liberal mind New Zealand marches leftward. The Gun buyback was a failure, but confiscatory rhetoric continues. Top officials want more restrictive licensing, a gun registry, strict rules for clubs, ranges, and personal ownership, and enforceable mandates for securing firearms. 

All of which is what we like to call incrementalism. Steps the left thinks it can take now that become the new foundation for the next. Confiscation. Every crisis becomes an emotional plea to turn law-abiding citizens into victims of both street thugs and those in elected office. It is why we say, ‘I will not comply.’

That, and this: Jump to 5:15 through 6:50 for the “punchline.”

All their posturing about Nazis and Supremacy is Liberal projection. No one on the right is interested in advancing the sorts of policies that turn your government into Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, or Lenin’s Russia. Those are leftist fantasies projected on political opponents to advance their agenda down the road to tyranny.

New Zealander’s need new leadership, or they will find themselves a few steps closer to that miserable end.


Correction: This “Leftist police access the spectrum” should have said this: “Leftist policy across the spectrum.”