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Christchurch NZ Shooter: An Eco-Fascist Whose Political and Social Values Align With China

New Zealand Shooter -cover- manifesto

Steven Crowder has done what most in the media have not. Read the manifesto of a suspect in the shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand. That manifesto is titled “The Great Replacement – Towards a New Society We March Ever Forward.”

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Worker’s rights, anti-imperialism, environmentalism, Addiction Free Community, Responsible markets, and no, he says he is not a conservative.

That might surprise you if your media diet is limited to the traditional media. Not that our readers limit themselves like that if they watch it at all. But part of our mandate is to find news you might not see anywhere else. So here we go.

Courtney Kirchoff, at Louder with Crower writes,

So in all of this tragedy, the media is already pinning this on a “conservative.” Which means, unfortunately, we have to run counter attacks on attacks which will come against our ideology. Here’s the thing, the shooter explicitly states, in his own manifesto, that he is NOT a conservative, that he is NOT a Christian, that he is, in fact, an ECO-FASCIST. Hardly a stalwart conservative, no?

“I chose firearms for the effect it would have…”

He chose firearms, in part because of the political impact it would have, including in the US. NZ Manifesto screen shot why firearms

You can follow the link(s) for more and/or take a few minutes to listen to Steven explain what he’s seeing compared to what the media is saying.

One more point care of HotAir.

“…New Zealand has gun control laws in place and there is no equivalent of the Second Amendment there. Police control the issuance of various levels of permits on a “may issue” basis. They can approve or deny permits at their sole discretion…”

This is a genuine tragedy but as with any event like this, the details surrounding the event can tell us a lot. Parkland, for example, was wholly preventable and entirely a product of liberal policy and incompetent government. The people doing the disarming and promising you that you’ll never need a firearm for protection.