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London Long Knives – What Gun Control Looks Like A few Years Down the Road

uk-knife-controlTo address London’s gun-less murder-surge Sadiq ‘Shakkah’ Kahn, the mayor of London has implemented measures, including a police crackdown, on anyone out in public with a knife. His government is banning home delivery of knives and acid. It has also expanded police powers to include letting officers stop and search anyone they believe could be planning to attack someone with a knife or acid.

Khan announced Friday that the city has created a “violent crime taskforce of 120 officers” tasked with rooting out knife-wielding individuals in public spaces, and is pumping nearly $50 million into the Metropolitan Police department so that they can better arm themselves against knife attacks.

The Daily Caller also points out that, “Khan is responsible for decreasing the number of stop-and-searches, having previously declared the tactic racist and potentially Islamophobic.”

The odds are good, make that very good, that the moment the Muslim community feels it is being discriminated against (that would be now), they will complain and guess who won’t be getting frisked for weapons?

Sounds like a job for TSA agents who should call up the London Mayor’s office and ask what they are paying. ‘We’ll focus on frisking handicapped children, old white women, homosexuals (fabulous!), and anyone who might be Irish.’


And not to worry, enforcement isn’t about results, it’s about numbers you can report that look like results after your taskforce has spent the $50 million and no real improvements have been made. A problem whose solution may require some modifications to the definitions of “stabbings” or “knife-related violence” followed by another allocation of another $50 million so another taskforce can crackdown on sharp looking spoons and trans-forks, sometimes referred to as sporks unless they’ve demanded you use some other ‘pronoun.’

My friends call me “Spatula,” you bigot.

Not to worry. Trans-forks are a protected class with special rights.

But pat downs it is, from the guy who ordered the police stop the practice, and how long before we hear about charges of false search or sexual assault for unwanted contact with someones… utensil?

You think I’m joking, but I’m only half joking because we’re watching neo-liberal anti-gun policy a few decades along the disarmament spectrum after the Hogg’s and the Pelosi’s and the Shaheens, Hassan’s, and Kusters get what they really want.

They don’t tell you about this because this is what you get when you blame tools for things people do because you say you care about people but you really only care about your ideological agenda. An agenda that hates anyone who disagrees with it. An agenda where the ruling class has guns and everyone else gets harassed by the police state.

You know, we have knife attacks here in the U.S. And just like in the U.K. they kill more people than guns. But mostly in the places where law abiding citizens can’t legally (or easily) carry knives or guns.

Not at all unlike London, where the tool is not the problem unless by “tool” you are referring to Sadiq ‘Shakkah’ Kahn, Parliment or any ruling class so incapacitated by social justice and political correctness that it is willing to commit cultural suicide and pay for it with your life.

Here’s an idea, why not create some safe spaces? Places where people are not permitted to stab each other. Like Public schools.

Knife free zones. That’s the ticket!

No, that won’t work. Because it’s not a knife problem. It’s not a gun problem. It’s a culture problem. You’ve got lots of people with entirely different values crammed together, a lot of anger issues about those differences, and at least one side wants to kill the other side which you’ve disarmed.

Who thinks Kahn’s plan will work?

Too many people, that’s how many. And a lot of them are in elected office right here in New Hampshire.