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New Zealand Advances Weapons Ban on a vote of 119-1

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New Zealand is setting itself up for a parade of “weapons” bans that will include all firearms (inevitably) then knives, pointy sticks, and don’t forget rocks. And it all begins with this.

A weapons ban that includes “semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that can be equipped with detachable magazines capable of holding more than five rounds.” Because they can!

Police Minister Stuart Nash praised lawmakers Tuesday for restricting their constituents’ access to weapons that endanger public safety and pointed out that unlike in the U.S., gun ownership in New Zealand is a privilege rather than a right.

So much for the global influence of what was once English Law. With inalienable natural rights that exist to protect men from the abuse of their government. But New Zealand doesn’t have that so abused the citizens will be. And not just by their ministers.

It’s sad. New Zealand has low crime and few murders. There are roughly 1.2 million firearms among a population of 5 million. 

This means that random hooligans turned mass-murderers are directing policy. What’s to stop someone shooting up something with a different weapon. The shock and horror of disarmed law-abiding citizens being shot up by law-breakers will inspire more immediate action.

Gun registration. Confiscation. It’s always the same.

Disarm the rest of them!

This ban has two more votes before it becomes law but I think we can guess how those will go.

And yes, if they keep to this sort of knee-jerk policymaking most if not all firearms will be banned before they know it.

 Local constables will gather up the registered guns and destroy them (for public safety). People will pretend they are okay with that because to be not okay will get you jailed if you are lucky and dead if you are not.

In that environment, “illegal” firearms will continue to commit crimes. That’s how it works in American cities run by Democrat-Socialists where legal guns are in the hands of a few, but guns still mysteriously kill most of the disarmed law-abiding citizens.

They should expect property crime and assaults to increase because assault is a verb, not a noun. Any weapon used to commit assault is an assault weapon. Taking away the most effective defensive tools only makes the action easier. And when you make things easier for human beings, you almost always get more of it from more of them.

Low crime New Zealand may be in for a shock.

Everyone will act surprised and find something else to blame other than what’s really at fault. People who know they can do ill with little resistance often do.

And by “people” I’m not excluding the government. Because that is why America has a second amendment; it exists to keep the State from doing what New Zealand is doing. Denying citizens their natural rights.

| National Review

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