Muslim Assimilation... Part 4 of 4 - Granite Grok

Muslim Assimilation… Part 4 of 4

One slice at a time…

Muslims intend to establish the Sharia civilization in a thousand small steps. Think of the method like slicing salami. You slice it one thin piece at a time. Here’s an example of the small slice approach: Since the founding members of the U.S. Congress were barred from wearing head coverings.

The rule held for the first 240 odd years. No Jews, Catholics or protestants wore a head covering. No hats was the rule of the institution. Muslims, however, can wear the hijab now that they are members of Congress. Oh well?  This is a form of domination not assimilation. Not a big thing, just a step toward establishing dominance.

Patience versus tolerance…

Islamic migration sets up the Sharia. It is a rule of saturation. Islam is patient. It is not tolerant and there is a difference. In the Islamic civilization view all of society must become Islamic or at least Sharia compliant. Is this about assimilation? No it is all about domination.

Let’s move from the theory of Islam to the application of Islam in the U.S. One of the leaders of CAIR, the Islamic “civil rights group,” said this; Muslims can never be full citizens of the U.S. There is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and the ideologies of this country. That is a very clear declaration. How clear does it have to be before we hear and respond accordingly?

Muslims do not integrate. Muslims do not integrate because we are filthy Kafirs. In the Muslim civilization view Muslims are our superiors. Islam must have its Sharia. We can keep our constitution. But our constitution can never push against the Sharia. The Sharia always has to dominate, it shall take precedence.

Trust Muslims to be good Muslims…

And Islam has dualistic ethics. This means that your neighbor, who is Muslim, can be trusted. But they must be trusted to be a good Muslim. It is up to you to understand what that means. Failure to understand the nature of Islam can be dangerous. Muslims are commanded to jihad, to struggle until all the world is Sharia. This means the nation they move into must become a Sharia nation.