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Is the El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto Evidence of Another Lunatic Leftist?

Crime Scene tape

Would you be the least bit surprised to discover that the manifesto of El Paso’s mass-murder was littered with left-wing tidbits? Things that suggest they were more likely to find close comfort in the company of Democrats.

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Mike Ford at RedState says he has read through the El Paso Shooter (Patrick Crusius) Manifesto and there’s not much in there that really, truly lines up with actual Conservative ideology. He explains (reformatted).

  • First, there’s the racial aspect, where the killer advocates keeping all immigrants out. That, of course, has never been a Conservative or a Trump position[1].
  • Segregation is another leftist policy espoused by the El Paso murderer. Democrats supported segregation during Jim Crow. Today, Leftists on college campuses are demanding segregated dorms, classes, and even final exams [2].
  • His so-called, “manifesto” also advocates for universal basic income and government-funded health care…[3]”

[1] Conservatives support managed immigration, not the end of it. Border security (stop terrorists, drugs, gangs, and human trafficking). Legitimate asylum requests. And limits on that based on our needs as a nation. And we want everyone to follow the rules. We believe in the rule of law and the process for changing laws. 

Democrats like to break the rules at every convenience. They brag about it. And always to advance their political power. And as we have demonstrated repeatedly could care less about your color (sex, or age, or gender, or much else) if you don’t agree with them.

[2] Segregation is and always will be a leftist priority. I’ve covered it repeatedly and it ties to the first point. Nothing about you matters if you disagree with the left. Nothing. It used to be just race and religion, and the politics were way down the list. But now, the failure to blindly follow Leftwing doctrine relegates you to the status of a non-human. Sanctioned intimidation and abuse. Violence is condoned to keep you down. You should not even be allowed to speak.

[3] No one on the right wants a basic universal income or government-run much of anything. Certainly not health care. These are Bernie-Liz-Beto-Kamala-Obama-kamanwana socialist super-state priorities. Very left. Never right.

So, what does that all mean?

He’s obviously f****ed up. And yes, he is a supremacist. But so is the entire Democrat party.

Their tyranny centers on the idea of using government to control rights and behavior. It used to be to keep blacks and Jews and gays down. Now blacks and Jews and gays are alright if and only if they toe the Democrat party agenda. 

The Left’s supremacy has evolved to keeping everyone down who disagrees with them regardless of color. This is not more tolerant especially when the goal is the same. The cultural and economic suppression of people who are different from you.

In this case, ideologically.

If you are black or brown or green or Jewish or gay or in transition away from the left’s priorities, they have no use for you. 

They will suppress your words and ideas. With sanctioned violence if necessary. And guess what? That sounds like the mass murder from El Paso. At least so far.

Any construction that suggests any right-leaning tendencies are likely the product of fabricated left-wing narratives which this individual consumed in adequate quantities to have those other very-liberal beliefs.

None of which would matter quite so much if the people in that Wal-Mart in El Paso were carrying. Individuals whose answer to the question, what would you do in an active shooter situation might be, “defend the unarmed and look for the first opportunity to shoot back.”

By the way, there was a “mass shooting” of sorts that did not get reported – 55 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. Seven Died. 

| RedState