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Manchester Trump Rally – Odds and Ends

UPDATED and BUMPED: the dispute is still in process but now *I* can play the video but only on YouTube.  Here’s from the “plain URL” (“”) and not the usual embed codes I use – Readers, please let me know if you can watch it as well.


Groksters Kimberly and Steve have already put up a number of posts (here, here, here, here) about the Rally yesterday and I’m starting to process the video (livestream was here; will figure out how to just view it after the fact).  Let’s start with a quick clip of “Odds and Ends”:

 <Copyright dispute in progress>

Well, this rots…after going through and doing the editing, YouTube just slapped a “full stop” on the video simply because the sound engineers hired by the Trump Campaign used copyrighted music that HAPPENED to be playing as I was videoing.  Now I have to go through the entire copyright dispute process saying, in effect, “Not my fault – I WASN’T IN CHARGE OF THE MUSIC BEING PLAYED!”.

This is going to be a long day if this is going to happen to every video I set up.