GraniteGrok Will Be On-site at the SNHU Arena All Day for the Trump Rally

trump gear Rally manchester

Skip, Kimberly, and I will all be on-site before and before and during the Trump Rally in Manchester. Taking pictures, doing interviews, and documenting the Presidents remarks.

Skip is on-route now. He plans to start with some man-on-the-street conversations with folks lined up to see the President. And knowing Skip, he may try to talk to the Lefty protesters as well.

Kimberly and I will be arriving after Lunch, mid-afternoon.

We also have scheduled interviews with Erin Perrine and Tim Murtaugh. Erin Perrine is the Deputy Communications Director. Tim Murtaugh is the Director of Communications for Trump 2020.

We’ll try to do some Facebook live content, and will be recording before and during the Presidents Remarks. All of them.

So, check back throughout the day. Visit our Facebook page for updates – and like us/follow us to get live event alerts.

An earlier version of this post’s title said SNHU Area. S/B Arena. This has been corrected