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Who Won Last Night’s Democrat Debate? Donald Trump (Expect that Trend to Continue)

Mr Trump - whats that you say

I have some advice for Democrats. And I mean this sincerely. Stop having Debates. These Kommunist Klanbakes are exposing your true intentions to millions of independent and moderate voters who will never vote for you. Ever. 

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I am kidding. Not about the undeclared voters. I think that’s very real. I’m kidding about you ending these debates. Keep debating. Add a few more. Let everyone have a voice.

This clown car of leftists trying to out-left each other before millions of people is precisely what America needs to keep a Democrat out of the Oval office. The backlash may be so intense, as to relegate your party to minority status up and down the ticket.

We’re Not Tired of Winning

That brings me to the title of this piece. The winner of last night’s Democrat debate was Donald Trump. And That’s not just some conservatarian armchair pundit prattling.  The mostly partisan prattling progressive pundits at Politico said it first. Obama lost on Tuesday night and Trump won on Wednesday night. Overall winner, Donald Trump!

Trump won Wednesday night’s debate by a mile. Unlike Tuesday night, none of the top contenders in the Democratic field stood out or looked comfortable defending their positions and records or prosecuting the case against the incumbent president. It seemed as if there were more attacks on the past policies and practices of the Obama administration than on today’s Trump administration.

The Donkey herd seems intent on distancing itself on the failures of the Obama years (not just to go after frontrunner Joe Biden) while engaging in a slap fight and personal attacks. Both are a concern to the lefty media, though I’m not sure why?

These are Democrats

What else are they going to do? The path to victory for any leftists is their opponent’s personal destruction. Being gay, or a minority, or a woman, or a child or a Democrat provides no protection. If you are in the way, you should expect to get steamrolled. Which means several someones are going to feel the way Bernie supporters felt at the hands of Hillary and the DNC. But with exponential effect, because we’ve got a lot of steamrollers in play.

Every debate is rich with opportunity for Donald Trump. Not just because these things expose the tyrannical underbelly of the Democrat Party’s socialism. They are an opportunity for some open discussion on unspoken truths the leftist media has kept hidden about every one of these candidates.

Things the eventual nominee would have rather kept hidden. 

Like this!

More of this, please.

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