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ICYMI – Trump Shuttered the Navy’s Climate Change Task Force

Globalist Bureaucrats agree. Agency mission-creep is the key to ruling the world. Under Obama, NASA was tasked with looking into Muslim outreach. He also created a Navy Climate Change task force, which President Trump has shut down.

The U.S. Navy shut down its Task Force Climate Change (TFCC), which was established by President Barack Obama in 2009, … The closure was quiet and occurred in March, according to Greenwire, and “the group’s tab on the Navy’s energy, environment and climate change website was removed sometime between March and July.”

The Navy does not need to waste taxpayer resources, backstopping the economic destruction of capitalism via energy policy. Work that would be referenced as (more) conclusive evidence that Socialism should destroy capitalism to save a planet that does not need saving.

It’s like spending millions to photocopy a sheet of notes and adding someone else’s letterhead to the top of each copy. Then claiming it is all proof of consensus. 

A consensus of fraud, certainly.

Nothing these cads have promised has come to pass. And as we’ve noted, the most recent solar maximum (responsible for any actual warming) has ended. Without any guidance from the US Navy, the IPCC, or New Hampshire’s Gary Hirshberg.

The Solar minimum will continue unaffected by their blather or fearmongering. But at least we won’t be paying the Navy to rinse, lather, and repeat their nonsense.

Thank you, President Trump.

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