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Did the DNC Just Harpoon Gary Hirshberg’s NH Presidential Forums on Climate Change?

Gary Hirshberg

Climate Fraud on Ice has been canceled. Sorry Climate Fraud on display has been iced. Probably. The DNC has two rules that will make NH Yogurt-Guy Gary Hirshberg’s proposed Stoneyfield Presidential Forums on Climate and Agriculture problematic.

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The idea, which I disassembled here, was for Gary to MC forums in New Hampshire on Climate Change “with Democrat candidates for President as a way to heighten awareness.”

 “I expect a strong turnout of both attendees and candidates.”

Not only will that not be happening, but requests for a Presidential debate on the singular topic of Climate Change have been shot down by voting members of the DNC.

Grassroots activists and other environmental alarmists stormed the Democratic National Committee’s resolutions committee session Thursday to demand it pass a proposal for such a debate. The committee failed to do that by a vote of 17-8. Saturday a final vote was taken and the resolution was defeated in a 222-137 vote.

Not happening, So, has this marooned Gary and his Stoneyfield Forum on Climate and Cow Farts? DNC Chairman Tom Perez has Banned,

“candidates from appearing on the same stage at the same time during “non-party” events. In other words, unless an event is an official DNC debate, the party chairman doesn’t want two or more candidates on the same stage together.”

In order for Hirshberg to have even one forum, at which more than one candidate appeared, it would need to be sponsored by the DNC – which just voted not to do that.

Now. Mr. Hirshberg could have a single candidate. All the special interests have been doing that, for this reason. But there are other things to consider.

First, the sort of people who will show up to see one Democrat talk about climate change are already drinking that Kool-Aid®. That’s not going to “heighten awareness” outside the cloistered cult of existing believers, which was Hirshberg’s goal.

Second, the people whose needles Gary would like to move, continue to place this “existential threat™” way (way, way, way) down on their list of priorities. For government, or anything else. All your so-called survey data aside. Climate Change interventions by big government are only an important issue to Democrats who want socialism.

Regular working people remember a long cold spring in the Northeast. They are getting up in late August to 50-degree weather. Ranting about making their heating and electric bill double or triple (or their employers) isn’t going to attract a lot of enthusiasm. 

Having said that, I think Gary should soldier on and do as many one-off “forums” as he can manage. It will allow us to challenge their useless ideas and point out their real motivation for this charade.

Forced economic redistribution to destroy capitalism.

Image: Gary Hirshberg/YouTube

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