Doxxing Cyber-Bully Joaquin Castro "Praised" Bill Targeting Cyber-Bullying - Granite Grok

Doxxing Cyber-Bully Joaquin Castro “Praised” Bill Targeting Cyber-Bullying


Intimidating political opponents and their supporters have always been in the Left’s tool chest. Now it’s not just mainstream you get points for bragging about it even when your doxxing hijinks contradict any previous stance on cyberbullying.

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If you missed it, cyberbullying is terrible. But so are speech and guns – in the wrong hands. Democrat Joaquin Castro deliberately doxxed some Trump donors. Managed to piss off a few of his own in the process (oh, well). And, for good measure, do so by being that thing which he claims is bad.


Not to worry. It’s okay when Castro does it. Because he is doing the people’s business, it’s a frikkin’ public service when Antifa beats people and silences their speech. It’s the wrong speech. Same goes for top donors to political opponents. Sure it’s fascist, but it’s to stop “fascism” or something.

Laws and principles are for suckers. When you are trying to imprison a nation you have to break a few things to do that.

And if Democrats get the power, they’ll make disarming, silencing, and breaking you legal.

That’s how it has always been done. This time will not be any different. 

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