Dems Run on Absurd Economic Ideas … Part 3 of 3 - Granite Grok

Dems Run on Absurd Economic Ideas … Part 3 of 3

Leftists fall short in many areas. They are full of big, bold ideas. Ideas, most of which were on display during the last two Democratic 2020 presidential hopeful debates. It’s one thing to have an idea, but another to be able to transform it into reality.

Economic reality

Most of the big, bold ideas leftists manage articulate art just out of touch with reality. They do spend more of your children’s’ and grand children’s’ and your great grand children’s’ money. The sad part is, people think they sound good. In fact, good enough so voters are duped into supporting them.

America is not the richest country on earth. We are broke. Not only are we broke, but we owe more than $22.5 trillion. And we are still running $1 trillion per year deficits. We are borrowing to pay our current period bills.

If America was a business it would not be a going concern. What’s worse is that we have unfunded liabilities running to hundreds of trillions of dollars. Unfunded liabilities would be promises to Social Security, Medicare and pension systems.

A third party view

After the latest round of debates the Washington Post editorial board said it this way: “Why go to the trouble of running for president to promote ideas that can’t work?”

Changing the laws will solve the “gender pay gap.”

Equal pay, equal pay… they shout it is as if U.S. companies target women. They believe companies pay women less than men doing the exact same work. They don’t. Listening to the leftist rhetoric you’d think people with the same qualifications, performance level, for the same amount of time get different pay. It just isn’t so. It is ludicrous on its face. Unemployment is too low for such bovine excrement.

There is no such thing as a gender pay gap. It is a myth, a fantasy borne out of the twisted minds of warped social justice engineers. Social justice engineers aren’t nearly as smart as actual engineers. They just thought the term engineer granted them status, credibility they did nothing to earn. It is a status worth about as much as their reasoning.

You don’t legislate to end a myth… you just stop believing

Leftists believe they can legislate this mythical gender pay gap out of existence. It isn’t so. How exactly would that work? Do you mandate a new hire female earn as much as a male with 20 years? Should we mandate that teachers make as much as engineers? Do you equalize the pay between, nurses and doctors? Should we force more women to become doctors or vice versa? What sort of government bureaucracy do you invent and impose on American businesses to sort all this out? If you do how are you going to make it go away when the problem is solved?

If any sort of “gender pay gap” existed, the free market would sort it out really quick. There is currently a shortage of qualified workers in many key fields. If there really were a gender pay gap companies would be falling over themselves recruiting the women currently working for less than they are worth somewhere else . It’s not rocket science, just basic economics… but still sadly it is beyond the intellectual grasp of most leftists.

Excessively taxation will bring in more tax revenue

This is an old one. It is continually debunked. Yet it continues to come up as if government budgets were a zero-sum game. This isn’t hard to grasp. In the real world, overtaxing depresses economic activity. Depressing economic activity leads to less revenue.

The idea that the rich can pay it all is absurd too. Taxing all everyone who makes over $1 million at 100% would result in about 600 billion or so in revenue. Guess what, that’s not nearly enough to even begin to chip away at the nation’s massive debt. Going forward, why would anyone who’s getting taxed at 100% or anywhere close to that continue to produce? Why would they hang around?

No matter how you slice it, entitlements and spending have to go down. That’s the only way to make ends meet. The problem is, politicians on both sides of the aisle don’t like delivering bad news. They don’t have the political stomach to be honest about the situation we are in. As a result the debt and deficit continue to balloon. Sorry it is time to face the music.


There is just no end to the unworkable leftist ideas that keep hanging around. They, like many yarns, sound good enough to get the votes the leftists need to seize power. When they do get power you are going to lose your money, lose your free speech, lose your guns, lose control of your career and you will exist at the discretion of the state. That my friend is tyranny and it is coming here soon if we don’t straighten up and fly right.