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Democrats want to take stuff away from you – Case #1: #VolinskyAgenda

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Yep, Andru Volinsky.  The guy that removed local control of Education via the Claremont decision.  School boards and citizens rail that the State puts too many mandates on them (like HB142 – I’m still hoping some lawyer will make me a plaintiff in a lawsuit against it) – blame current Exec. Councilor Volinsky who is running for Governor.  Platform plank #1 – you don’t need your money!

All kinds of ways to make NH be another version of Taxafornia – yay Andru!  Just the ticket – yet one more “revenue source” that people should rightly say “they’re raiding my pockets again!”.  Yet one more time we see the hubris of the Left in dropping the mask and outright stating:

You don’t spend your money correctly – so we’ll take it from you, you selfish Deplorables!

Andru Volinsky for Governor because I DON’T TRUST YOU!

And be sure of this – the more of your money he takes, he’ll want to spend even more.  Give him his broadbased taxes and he WILL spend even more.

It’s what Socialists (with no concern that he’s reducing your standard of living) do.  And then smile about it.