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Cornerstone: Student’s Right to Religious Freedom

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Cornerstone Action has a piece out this morning for parents and students to help get them ready to go back to school. It addresses your child’s right to religious freedom.

Unions, politicians, the media, administrators, and educators have, for years, given the impression that there is a separation of faith and school. Nothing could further from the truth. To keep matters straight Cornerstone Action provides both resources and support.

Here in New Hampshire, Cornerstone Policy Research is committed to helping parents and children thrive in our educational system. Part of this is knowing that students are NOT required to check their faith at the door.

Quite the opposite. Students have broad, constitutionally-protected rights to to express their faith both inside and outside of the classroom.

” if your child receives push back from their school administration in exercising their freedom of religion, you have an ally in Cornerstone. Contact us. We are here to help you defend your religious liberty!

We’d like you to know that is here for you as well.

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