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Conservative Vs. Progressive… Where Do You Fit?

Bernie Goes for National Rent Control and More Federal Housing

Conservatives and progressives have different views. We think about individuals and communities from fundamentally different places. Let’s look at an example. A conservative will ask: “What can I do for myself, my family, my community, and my fellow citizens?” A progressive asks: “What is unfair?” “I am owed what?” “What has offended me?” “My country must do what for me?”

The individual

The conservative emphasizes the individual. Usually they recognize all action springs from self, not a group. Without respect for self and life it is difficult to build anything which will last. The individual is the building block of the family. The family is the building block of society. Conservatism creates unity.

For the progressive the traditional American ethic of achievement gives way. It yields to the ethic of aggrievement. It is all about entitlement and ranked victimhood. Progressives seek to place individuals in a variety of competing communities. That stands in opposition to a variety of individuals making up one American community. Progressivism creates, identity politics.

Freedom of choice

Conservatives and progressives have different views about diversity and choice. For progressives, different ethnicities and gender identities are welcomed. A variety of opinions and ideas are not welcome. Everyone in the group must accept and conform to the position of the group.

Think about two areas of public life dominated by the left. On college campuses free speech is under attack. How strange is that? How do you explore new ideas without thinking and talking about them? Isn’t that central to learning?

What if you’re a conservative working at a social media company or using one of their platforms? What if you share your views and the group isn’t accepting of them? You may find your job eliminated or your account deleted. What’s up with that?

Defining Choice

And when it comes to choice, progressives love the word. The trouble is they don’t want it to apply to our decisions on education, health care, or even how and where we live out our religious faith. They love the word and hate the meaning.

Conservatives live a different approach. Parents, not the zip code they live in, should choose the school that is best for their child. We all need health care. Conservatives don’t all need the same kind or same amount. All people should be free to live as they choose.

No one should be forced to endorse or celebrate those choices violating their religious beliefs. Think of it this way; conservatives say people should have choices while progressives say one political solution fits all. A time of choosing is coming. Which side are you going to be on?

We the People

Conservatives and progressives have a different view of “We the People.” Whether it’s the Second Amendment, immigration, or putting limits on abortion it is always the same. If the laws don’t meet progressives’ approval, they turn to judges, executive orders, and government bureaucrats behind closed doors to overturn the will of voters. That’s who they are and what they do.

Regardless what we may think about the wisdom of hiking the minimum wage, banning plastic straws, or removing controversial historical monuments, conservatives believe voters closest to the issues should be the ones making such decisions for their communities. Conservatives do not want to cede that duty to lawmakers in the District of Columbia or a panel of judges fives states away.


Think about it this way.

  • You might be a conservative if you believe in individual rights, not special rights.
  • If you believe in allowing Texas to be Texas and Vermont to be Vermont, you might be a conservative.
  • You might be a conservatives if you believe we the people can vote with our feet about where we want to live and what laws we want to live under.

Are you an individual? Do you have thoughts and dreams of your own? Careful, you might be a conservative.