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Attacks from the Left

Replacing God with Government

Today’s attacks from the left are against two of America’s most essential values. Those values are faith and family. These two essential pillars serve as stabilizing factors in any society. The attacks on faith and family seem to be relentless.

Gracie Gato headshot

Gracie Gato – Wants to do a Class Action lawsuit against “this blogger”? Heh!

So, this California transplant has decided that GraniteGrok needs to be slapped upside our legal head. All because we called out L’il Andru Volinsky for being a pandering, virtue-signaling #Maskhole. She’s a #Maskhole as well (good going, Karen) just the kind of person to keep as away from the Levers of Power as possible.

Amy klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar – Still Not a Moderate Candidate

Senator Amy Klobuchar is doing something right. By which I mean, narrative, messaging, and yes, deception. She is working hard to own the establishment lane and the banner of the moderate Democrat. But she’s not a moderate.

What Has Socialism Brought The World?

What Has Socialism Brought The World?

Did you ever stop to think, what has socialism brought the world? All of the Democrat presidential primary candidates are socialists or their policy proposals are. So let’s run through some of the results of socialism.

Bernie Goes for National Rent Control and More Federal Housing

Conservative Vs. Progressive… Where Do You Fit?

Conservatives and progressives have different views. We think about individuals and communities from fundamentally different places. Let’s look at an example. A conservative will ask: “What can I do for myself, my family, my community, and my fellow citizens?” A progressive asks: “What is unfair?” “I am owed what?” “What has offended me?” “My country …

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Kuster is not bipartisan

Ann Kuster is Selling Herself as Bi-Partisan? Not Even Close!

In case you missed it Ann Kuster has hung her reelection chances on selling herself as bipartisan. The only problem with that is that she isn’t. And she’s not just a partisan, she is proudly hailed as such by Far-Left media, Far-Left Progressive PAC’s and (oh, yeah!) her own voting record. Related: So-Called “Bi-Partisan” Democrat Ann Kuster …

Ann Kuster is Selling Herself as Bi-Partisan? Not Even Close! Read More »