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NH Dems to Sununu on Advancing Their Political Priorities – Sorry, But It’s Not Enough

Chris sununu

There is no shortage of exposition on this blog site about the wasted effort on the part of Socially liberal Republicans to appease the left. This penchant culminated Friday when the Governor ‘quietly’ signed two bills that advance the Left’s cultural Marxist agenda putting rank and file Republican reelections at risk and by extension Gov. Sununu’s as well.

As I noted hereMr. Sununu needs to consider what happens to New Hampshire if he signs HB1319 because he won’t be the only Republican who suffers.”

Which I explored in more detail here.

So this is bad, but maybe Gov. Sununu could sign it, take a hit, and still win re-election. Disregarding why anyone would actually do that, what about everyone else?

The Progressive NGO’s will claim a victory. They’ll get a lot more momentum, and outside money. They’ll hire more staff, lawyers and lobbyists to push forward to the next step in their agenda. And they’ll get more legislative help because not one Democrat will vote for a Republican (instead of a Democrat) because of the passage of the bathroom bill.

And while Governor Sununu may be able to weather the loss of thousands of votes (though I do not think that is true) what of elected members of the party he (at least figuratively) leads? Candidates who need a handful or a few hundred votes to win or keep a seat for which the votes will vanish? A majority that will vanish.

The absence of a Republican majority in the legislature or Executive Council reduces Mr. Sununu to a place-holder incapable of doing anything else that might be remotely Republican in nature until he can be replaced because some Rasputin-like establishment insiders told him what (more than likely) the national party insiders think it’s a good move politically.

Sununu signed HB1319 anyway, and the unconstitutional Conversion therapy ban along with it. So, what did he get? According to New Hampshire Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley it wasn’t enough.

After saying he had ‘no personal opinion’ on the bill last year as his own party killed it, we’re happy to see Governor Sununu finally come around. It’s telling that the governor is trying to dodge political upheaval in his own party by signing this bill on a Friday afternoon without a bill signing ceremony and without so much as saying the word ‘transgender’ in his signing statement, but it’s not surprising. 

Governor Sununu has neglected to issue Pride Month proclamations in either of his two years as governor, he has not attended any of the pride parades across the state, and he refused to stand up to his own state party as they rejected marriage equality in their 2018 platform. Sununu has also yet to apologize for his father, John H. Sununu, killing the bill and calling it ‘garbage’ in 2009 as the Chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party. Signing this bill is a no-brainer, but he has failed to use any political capital to stand up to his own party’s long history of discrimination.” 

This from the guy who has, like his All Gurl Democrat Congressional Delegation, said nothing about the recent record-setting employment data for Black Americans.

Buckley is a punk. A political puke who cares only about how he can manipulate people to accumulate power.

Chris Sununu, for whatever reason, thinks (or has been convinced) that he has something to gain by giving Buckley and the Democrats more political power. Their response, before the ink is dry is “give me more.” No surprise to us, but we’re just cranky social conservatives, right. What do we know?

We know that this is the same motto the Democrats use when it comes to other people’s rights and property. There is no such thing as enough. They always want more. And they are not shy about using government force to come and take it.

It’s who they are, it’s all they do.

So, now, Chris Sununu is a punk who gave himself a political black-eye to pad his progressive resume at the (likely) expense of his legislative and Executive Council majority without which he can do much of anything except take gut punches from Ray Buckley and Democrat leadership who might well rise back into power in the wake of his hubris.

Chris Sununu may have just screwed New Hampshire Republicans and the New Hampshire Advantage with it.

Like we always say, every social issue comes with an economic cost. This will be no different.