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Another Meddling Out-of-State Anti-Gun Leftist from Massachusetts Gets Schooled

Mary Ellen Sikes NH Sticker on Moms demand shirt

Mary Ellen Sikes is the Secretary for the Weston Massachusetts Democrat town committee. And as you can see from her picture, this Bay Stater is also an anti-gun activist in New Hampshire.

Just add a sticker and Boom! You are “from” New Hampshire. (I wonder if she votes here too?)

Turns out her annoying busy-body tendencies are not limited to meddling in New Hampshire politics (or elections?).  She’s confident that the cops in her hometown are racists.

Her name is Mary freaking Ellen, the only name whiter than Becky. She posts incessantly on her Facebook page about politics. I don’t care if you’re left or right leaning – anyone who constantly posts about politics on Facebook is an a**hole.

I think he’s talking about personal pages, but we’ll take that under advisement.

And the politicians she admires so much (Clark, Gillibrand, Hillary, Warren, etc) are all exactly like her – rich white women who feel morally superior to other white women by calling everyone they disagree with a racist.

She has also intentionally insulated herself in a town that systematically prices out people of color and has no section 8 housing, yet constantly accuses other people of being racist.

Mary-Ellen notices a car that has been pulled over by her local PD. The people in the vehicle are “of color.” The police must be racist. (Turtle Boy Sports, reformatted)

Mary Ellen: “I’m a Weston resident, and I’ve had many people of color pulled over in Weston because they’ve had less than luxury cars and stuff like that. … I’m very upset because I’ve had friends of color pulled over. … I think Weston Police racially profile on a regular basis.” “I can’t help but notice that these are people of color you’ve put the plate in for.”

“Why is the reason you run the plates?”

Officer: “Because I run plates all day.”

The video of this charming exchange is below but here’s the best part (again H/T to Turtle Boy Sports).

Officer: “You see people who are African-American, and you think they were stopped based on their color?”
Mary Ellen: “Yes.”
Officer: “I’m sorry you live life that way.”

Owned. Schooled. Feel the burn.

That doesn’t stop her interference but the gist of it is this. The driver’s vehicle registration is suspended or expired. Yes, another victimless crime. And that’s a debate we often have. But the object of our attention is Mary Ellen. She lives her life confident that her assumptions, based entirely on the color of someone’s skin, are not racist. 

I’m sure Ms. Sikes has unkind words for Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, and Dr. Ben Carson. I doubt she’s a fan of Hispanic Conservatives.

Our good friends at the Women’s Defense League and all their pearl wearing supporters (regardless of sex or national origin) are bad people for teaching women to defend themselves and supporting the Second amendment.

Teachers, Hispanics, Gays, or anyone who speaks or acts in opposition to the Democrat Party agenda is an outcast. A racist, bigoted, supremacist or enabler.  For them, color, sex, and gender are no longer shields for thought, speech, or rights, human or otherwise because they are using wrong words or supporting the wrong ideas.

Mary Ellen has Liberal Privilege.  A white, wealthy Leftist projecting her ideological supremacy on others according to the party dogma. Even when those policies trap people of color on modern-day urban liberal plantations she would never live on or near.

In short, she’s the racist. 

Image: screengrab c/o Turtle boy Sports.

| Turtle Boy Sports