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A New Hymn From the Left – Death Camps for Trump Supporters

Death camps for trump supporters

Here’s some new tolerance from the Left. Death camps for Trump supporters. I’d be interested to see who among Democrats, especially here in New Hampshire, is willing to denounce that?

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Probably not Nashua Democrat Sonia Prince.

Want to keep our community safe? Identify the people who support hateful racist dictators like Trump, who incite violence and mass shootings! Stands up to hate! Be the hero, when no one else will; and weed out the bad seeds in the community.

Weed out the bad seeds and put them, in death camps? No, she’s not saying that. At least I don’t think she is, but what is she saying? 

Replace ‘people who support hateful, racist dictators like Trump‘ with “Jews.”

Historically chilling?

That entire pull quote is racist, hateful, and fascist. Because for Sonia’s dream to come true in any context, she needs to “weed out” women, blacks, Hispanics, Gays, even children, Muslims, Jew, and Christians.

Black Americasn who support trump

Are a few of Sonia Prince’s ‘weeds?’

Her added desire to use the State to disarm them and make them helpless pawns to the will of that state, the mobs the left riles up, is not just ideologically selfish it is fascist.

Wpmen for Trump

I guess women who support Trump have no rights.

In contrast, I think that women, blacks, gays, and immigrants, have a right to self-defense, and free speech without fear from the ruling class Stormtroopers fighting to silence those with whom they disagree.

Gays for trump

Will the left be sticking these folks in a Gay Gulag?

And they don’t have to agree with me. They can support and defend serial liars like Hillary or surveillance state tyrants like Obama even if we do not agree on whether those things are true. As long as we are all free to publicly disagree.

Sonia “weed out the bad seeds” Prince, on the other hand, is selling ideological supremacy. The institutional intolerance of any idea that she and her party do not share – labeled as hate. The foundation of all oppressive tyrannies in human history.

She doesn’t give a damn about guns or shootings. If she did, she’d be ranting daily about the unchecked violence in Democrat-run cities.

So, Death Camps for Trump Supporters. Who on the left will come out to oppose this?

I’m going with no one.

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