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Trump Republican Victory Strategy – Play Unedited Clips of Democrats Talking


Whenever anyone suggests editing, deleting, or blocking Leftist commenters, I stand up for them. No one advocates for liberty and free markets like an unhinged mouthy Leftist. And it appears the RNC agrees. Their latest Ad takes Democrats at their word or lack of them.

To begin the ad below is a good start. It establishes a messaging strategy that could do two things. First, there’s an endless pile of material (always growing) to craft future ads on this theme, so it’s easy to duplicate. Second, it shows the Left for who they are and (by extension) makes things dicey for other Democrats when asked about them.

I think it’s important to run a stronger parallel campaign promoting the benefits of Trump and Republican economic policies. The things that have Made America Great Again. Why we need to protect them and the possibilities if we do. Themes that tie the economic recovery to job creation, family, opportunity, manufacturing, coming off welfare and food stamps, climbing the ladder of success, and the benefits of working to get the government off our backs

There’s plenty there. 

And of course, Border Security and our identity as a sovereign nation are also strong motivators for Americans. Mix that in on both sides. 

I’ve no idea if they’ll keep to this tack, but I think it’s a step in the right direction. Especially the silence at the end when asked about Antifa violence. No comment? Well, how could they? It’s what they want.

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