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Sharia: Allah’s Will… Past, Present and Future

Islam is a complete civilization. It has a detailed political and legal code. That code is called the Sharia. It is an all-encompassing way of life. Sharia is the Islamic tool which takes everything about each subject and codifies it into an ordered system.

What Sharia covers…

Every aspect of life finds a place in Sharia. Sharia includes legal matters such as criminal, civil, family, contract, and finance. It also defines theology, and the mundane. Everything from: how to say hello to how to pray; from how to have sex to how to disciple your wife; from how to punish a child to how t go to the bathroom; is included. Down to the smallest detail of everyday life, Sharia is the basis for every Muslim demand on society.

Sharia is the condensation and extrapolation of the Quran and Sunna. A classic Sharia text is the Reliance of the Traveller. It is a 1200 page text written in the 14th century. It covers both legalities and theology.

Learning about Islam…

Learning the proper Islamic way to do things comes from study of the thousands of pages of the trilogy. That is impractical the common man. Most do not read, comprehend and commit the trilogy to memory.

The starting point for learning about Islam should be the Sira. It is an interesting story and gives structure to Islam. The most direct way to learn about Islam is through Sharia.

When you know Sharia, Islam makes sense. Islam uses a faith based logic which is not western. Islam is based on different views of humanity, logic, knowledge and ethics than we in the west use.

Sharia and the non-believer…

There is nothing good for non-Muslims in Sharia. Sharia does not treat Muslims and non-believers as equals. Every non-believer has reason to know Sharia law. Sharia violates the principles articulated in the U.S. Constitution.

Sharia has been the official and normative interpretation of Islam for more than a thousand years. It is important to understand; answering questions about Islam and Sharia with America words and Islamic meaning is misleading, intentionally so.

Matters in Islam are evaluated and judged according to Sharia which is the final and universal moral code for all humanity until the end of time. Sharia is based on the perfect and unchanging Quran and Sunna.


Sharia is Allah’s will, past, present and future. Devout Muslims believe it should be implemented by all peoples as the only sacred law, in its present form. Any change or reform of Sharia must come from changes to the Quran and the Sunna of Muhammad.