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Is Montana Senator Jon Tester Taking Advice from NH Senator Maggie Hassen?


Jon Tester (D- Civility) has some advice regarding President Trump. And it sounds a lot like some things we’ve heard here in New Hampshire from his colleague, Maggie Hassan.

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“I don’t think, even in states where Donald Trump won big, that it does you any good running away from Donald Trump. I think you need to go back and punch him in the face. I mean the truth is this guy is bad for this country.”

Margaret ‘Maggie’ Wood Hassan, current US Senator from New Hampshire, has some relevant history. When running for Governor, she laughed and agreed when someone at an event suggested Democrats couldBeat Republicans with a bat.”

(When) asked by an audience member: “How can you beat a Republican opponent in this state this year?” …just as she begins to answer, another audience member shouts out: “You can beat ‘em with a bat! You can beat ‘em with your hands! You can beat ‘em with your feet!” To which Hassan replies, “That’s a good answer.”

There was minimal outrage when it happened because Democrats get special treatment.

One can only imagine the media firestorm that would erupt from Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley and his troglodytes if Maggie “Louisville Slugger” Hassan was a Republican.

Hassan’s tenure as a US Senator includes a staffer from Keene who said F You to the President and a staffer who helped a former staffer hack her Senate office computers. That included an effort by the former staffer to doxx sitting Republican Senators during the Kavanaugh Nomination.

Tester won’t get and push back but keep it in mind. If he were a Republican, it would be spun up into the news cycle and tied to Mr. Trump’s influence.

Maybe we should consider Jon’s response in the shadow of Maggie Hassan’s influence.

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