AG Barr Appoints US Attorney to Investigate The Genesis of the Russia Collusion Probe

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Attorney General Bill Barr has assigned US attorney John Durham to conduct an inquiry. He is tasked with examining whether the FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign was justified and legal.

“The inquiry will focus on whether the government’s methods to collect intelligence relating to the Trump campaign were lawful and appropriate,” The AP added. “Durham has previously investigated law enforcement corruption, the destruction of CIA videotapes and the Boston FBI office’s relationship with mobsters.”

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Basically, an investigation into the pre-election activities of the Obama Administration, CIA, FBI, DOJ, human assets, sources, and details used to justify spying by notorious partisans on an opposing political campaign.

What did they know, when did they know it, and was the process used to obtain surveillance warrants legal and above board?

The answer to that will be no. What that amounts to legally remains to be seen. Yes, plenty of people have been doing real investigative journalism on this for years. They have uncovered both misfeasance and malfeasance. Corners were cut by political partisans who used the government for ideological gain. Whether an investigation results in a criminal prosecution is unknown.

What we do know is this. If the depth of this inquiry takes us past November 2020 and Trump is not reelected it will get stuffed down a hole.

| The Daily Wire