"House Dems compromised with Senate Dems, no GOP involved" - Granite Grok

“House Dems compromised with Senate Dems, no GOP involved”


by NH State Rep. Mike Sylvia  |  

The letters section of The Laconia Daily Sun on Wednesday was visited by one of Vladimir Lenin’s disciples. She contributes to the principle of “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Not wanting to waste her one letter for the week she slides in two pieces of propaganda in one letter — one new and then an oldie.

First, we are told about the “compromise” budget vetoed by the governor. Well yes indeed there is a speck of truth mixed in with the lie; that’s how propaganda sells. The New Hampshire House of Representatives (controlled by a Democrat majority) passed an outrageously huge budget which increased taxes and put the state on an unsustainable path to even more taxes. The Senate (also controlled by a Democrat majority) took out a couple of insane pieces but left in plenty of programmatic spending, charting a course toward more tax increases. In the committee of conference process, the House Democrats compromised with the Senate Democrats. There is your compromise. By the way, contrary to rule and custom Republicans were excluded from the Committee of Conference.

You may recall all the chatter during the last election cycle about “reaching across the aisle;” that was a lie too.

…I’ll finish with a quotation from Maya Angelou “There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure truth.”

State Rep. Mike Sylvia