Grok MicroInterview: Victoria Sullivan, candidate for Mayor of Manchester - Granite Grok

Grok MicroInterview: Victoria Sullivan, candidate for Mayor of Manchester

Victoria Sullivan with petitions

After Victoria had filed her candidacy paperwork at Manchester City Hall (“FIX THE CLOCK!“) and had addressed her supporters, I was able to get a bit of an interview with her.  Go with me here – a bit of “non-interview” at first but I think it adds a bit as to her character.

I do believe that she has a heart for Manchester – her roots are there and I see no aspirations for higher office (as we have seen with the current Progressive incumbent):

I also know that she has a huge target on both her front and her back. The Progressive Dem candidates, all two dozen of them, are starting to man up (Ooh, will that get me in PC trouble??) their machines and most are already flying in their cadres (attention Ed Naile, attention Ed Naile – clean up on ALL aisles!).

That manpower (Oops, I did it again!) will be doing double duty – their candidates and helping out Mayor “Can’t fix the clock!” Joyce Craig.  You can be sure that money will be flowing either directly into her coffers by those candidates, in-kind assistance, or from their donors

Sidenote: After all, our two US Senators Maggie “The Red” Hassan and Jeanne “Grandma” Shaheen are always asking for money – for other people.  It’s what they do – wealth distribution.  These Prez Wannabees will have no problem in doing so.

So goes Manchester may well portend how NH goes in the next cycle.  Do you have a wee bit of coin?  Do you have a few hours?  Help put Craig into retirement, Ray Buckley into a hissy fit, and Victoria into the Mayor’s office.

Victoria Sullivan for Mayor