Victoria Sullivan - officially filing to become Manchester's new mayor! - Granite Grok

Victoria Sullivan – officially filing to become Manchester’s new mayor!

V Sullivan for Mayor

GraniteGrok was present when Victoria Sullivan went to Manchester City Hall to file the required paperwork to officially run for Manchester Mayor.

Her supporters and family lined the hall going into the City Clerk’s office as well as in the office, all wishing her good luck.  She passed in and signed the paperwork, and the staff counted the petitions to ensure she had the requisite number.

Poof! After weeks of talking about running, she now is! She addressed her followers twice and they may have given her an unofficial tagline for her campaign


Emblematic of the ills in the City under this Progressive, Joyce Craig, for whom it seems that being Mayor is just a stepping stone to “higher” things. Perhaps, like, retirement? To do so, Victoria and an army of supporters will have to

I did do a couple of interviews, both with supporters and with Victoria herself – those will go up in a little while.