Did Victoria Sullivan's Supporters just Crowdsource the Campaign Tagline? - Granite Grok

Did Victoria Sullivan’s Supporters just Crowdsource the Campaign Tagline?

The supporters that showed up yesterday at City Hall Plaza DO have a sense of humor. Of course, most studies show that conservatives have more of a sense of humor than the dour Progressives who find fault in almost anything!

Steve Negron, candidate for US Congress in NH’s Second District noticed that current Mayor Joyce Craig’s “City Hall clock” was wrong.  Completely wrong.  How long had it been that way? Yet another example of a lack of attention to detail? And that flows from where? The top down.

“Fix the clock” – if the top dog would actually take care of the little details, the larger issues (Elm Street, for instance?) either never appear or become easier to solve. Right now, both are a mess.