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EMILY’s List to Dump 20 Million on State Legislative Races


One of the PACs that own Senator Jeanne Shaheen is focusing its influence peddling operation on State Legislatures in 2020. EMILY’s List, the kill them if they are moving pro-abortion PAC wants to get Lefties Elected in State Houses to improve redistricting for Democrats.

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New Hampshire has everything EMILY’s List could ever want when it comes to killing babies, so we won’t be seeing any of that money here. But if you’ve paid attention, there are a few states where things have gone the other way. EMILY’s List wants to use money in politics to get their way

Focus 2020 will target more than 500 state legislative races with a particular focus on flipping chambers where state legislatures have a direct impact on redistricting. Some of these states include Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Beyond its focus on restricting, this effort will also target states where there is great opportunity due to changing demographics, where a woman’s right to choose is under attack, and where there are rising women leaders pushing for change across the board.

Yes, the language I’m using is purposefully specific. Influence peddling. Money in politics. The Left feeds their narratives about the evils of donor dollars on local elections. Money isn’t speech.  Legislatures introduce incumbent protection bills that make it harder for anyone who isn’t an EMILY’s List to compete with them for political messaging. Which is one of many things upon which any ‘flipped chambers’ will work.

The Left, especially the modern Left, will not brook dissent. They can’t just get their way. Any objection to their prescriptions must be met with hurdles and barriers. Rube-Goldbergian legal traps. Mazes that lobbyists and Special Interests can either waltz through of afford (if fined) while everyone else gets excluded from the Money in Politics Country Club.

That was the goal of McCain-Feingold. The Left lost its mind when it was overturned. And while EMILY’s List will limit itself to abortion ministry newspeak (one grotesque medical procedure defines the entirety of female professional care), the idea isn’t to simply roll back reforms that save babies lives. It is to ensure that evil cannot be undone.

To do that you need to silence those who would speak for a class of people with no voice. The unborn.

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