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Deep State Coup to Oust Trump Could Be Exposed Beginning This Week


Obama era intelligence officials and top FBI may be implicated in documents to be released beginning this week. What’s at stake? How about orchestrating a coup against a sitting President?

Former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joseph diGenova released a bombshell this week when he claimed that key documents exposing the nature of the deep state coup d’état against President Donald Trump will be released as soon as Wednesday.

“The declassification process will start this week. There are going to be documents released, I think, by Wednesday. The Attorney General as I understand it is in the process of getting those ready to come out,” diGenova said during an appearance on WMAL Radio on Monday morning.

US Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the investigation (and the spying on Trump’s team) is proceeding quickly according to diGenova. With members of the FBI and DOJ under President Barack Obama being key persons of interest, along with Clinton’s Oppo-research firm Fusion GPS and individuals tied to Cambridge University in England.

“Those are the three entities that we know,” Nunes said while appearing on Sunday Morning Futures, referring to the Clinton campaign and their Fusion GPS partners, the FBI, and mysterious individuals at London’s Cambridge University.

“What the DOJ needs to get to the bottom of is, when did these all intersect? You don’t get that until you start to interview people and remember the Mueller team never bothered to interview many of these folks,” Nunes added.

We’ve been dropping news here and there on the likelihood of this over the past two years. But things appear to be reaching a boiling point. And I think Democrats know they are screwed. When Milquetoast Leftists like New Hampshire’s Ann Kuster and Chris Pappas dive into the impeachment pool, that’s desperate.

It’s an appeal to the Liberal base and a weak effort to keep a false narrative alive that it was Trump meddling with foreigners to change an election when there appears to be a long list of Democrats connected to both Obama and Hillary who did just that. 


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